We are proud to list below our great efforts we have put into the ecological idea.

  • The entire construction of the Lodge has been carried out by local craftsmen
  • Only local and natural materials are used
  • We reduce our waste to a minimum and seperate it
  • Tap water is filtered with Hi-tech-filters and offered to our guests in glass bottles for drinking purposes (to reduce the huge amount of waste of PET-bottles and minimize transporation cost)
  • Our energy runs on hydroelectrical and solar systems
  • Bedlinen and all materials in our house are made of 100% cotton, grown in Egypt
  • Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly
  • In our small garden grows vegetable for our guests
  • We clean the village sometimes with the schoolchildren of Al Qasr



We are proud to announce that in 2007 DESERT LODGE has been awarded the FIRST PRIZE for Best Environmental Tourism by DRV (German Travel Association).

Waste water and solid waste :   Solar system      
  We have received this medal in February 2003 by the Arab League for "Green tourism" and our big efforts of protec- ting the desert in Egypt
Village cleaning Water Filter:    
  In 2005 we received from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism this certification for high standing quality. It was the only award given to an Eco-Lodge in Egypt.